Armand Merizon Collection 1920-2010

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Old Italy

Abstracted study in European architecture and human figures. Geometric shapes delineated with lines of earthy color cut into heavy oil medium. Many of the lines represent terracotta tile roof tops of urban dwellings.

The main focus of the painting is the head of a young boy positioned in the upper center, looking downward to an area that is very slightly lighter than the rest of the painting and is full of abstracted, colorful lines and shapes. From there your eye moves to the left to see an almost Neanderthaloid face with eyes closed, in a window with faded blue green shutters which are repeated elsewhere in the painting. if you take a long close look you can see many indications of human life throughout the painting.

. I so wish I could ask my dad what he was thinking when he painted this piece!

Signed, lower left, Merizon '64.

Medium: heavy oil on hard board
Location: private collection
Date Produced: 1964

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