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Catrina I

Siminski-Catrina-Sanchez.pdf   "Catrina" by Abigail Siminski
Artist: Sirena Sanchez
Medium: Mix media
Dimensions: 14" tall
Provenance: Nomad Gallery
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

La Calavera Catrina ('Dapper Skeleton', 'Elegant Skull') is a 1910–1913 zinc etching by famous Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer José Guadalupe Posada.[1] The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat, her chapeau en attende is related to European styles of the early 20th century. She is offered as a satirical portrait of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolution era. She, in particular, has become an icon of the Mexican Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

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