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Enchapopado en Teologias

Artist: Salvador Jimenez Flores
Medium: Ceramic and mixed media
Provenance: Acquired from artist
Notes: Enchapopado en Teologias is one of fifteen ceramic and mixed media masks collectively titled "I Am Not Who You Think I Am." The work was shown at the Grand Rapids Art Museum during ArtPrize in 2104. Salvador Jimenez Flores’ statement on the ArtPrize website: “I am a nomadic artist who journeys through the Americas, creating rascuache art and high art, speaking Español, English and Spanish. Occasionally, I feel I have a static sense of identity and sometimes I have an inventory of multiple identities. I fit in here and there but No soy ni de aquí ni de allá. I am one, in two worlds. The content of my work is a fusion of myth, history, religion, politics, and popular culture and is driven by my life experiences. The body of work I Am Not Who You Think I am has allowed me to mask myself with stereotypes and expectations assigned to me merely because I am a member of an ethnic group within the dominant White culture in the United States. By confronting these various assigned personas, I can then remove the baggage that I have accumulated and carried for years. I am digging deep down into my inner self—hoping to find universality and humanness in my work that transcends adaptation and blurs the division of dominant and ethnic groups.”

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