Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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The Hiker

Artist: Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson
Medium: Bronze
Provenance: Erected by Guy V. Henry Camp No. 3 United Spanish War Veterans of Grand Rapids and Kent County. April 28, 1928.
Location: Intersection of State and Cherry Streets SE, in Foster Park.
Notes: "Freedom, Patriotism, and Humanity. Dedicated to the soldiers and sailors of the War with Spain, Philippine Insurrection, and China Relief Expedition, 1898 - 1902." This idealized treatment of a soldier represents the Spanish American War as a fight for freedom and humanity. A plaque on the boulder refers to the colonies of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Phillipine Islands. Approximately 50 castings of The Hiker were installed throughout the United States. Two are located nearby in Kalamazoo and Lansing. The first version of the statue was made for the University of Minnesota in 1906.

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