Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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Thomas McIntyre Cooley

Artist: Matt Large
Medium: Bronze
Location: Cooley Law School, Grand Rapids Campus. 111 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI. Identical statues are placed on Cooley Law School campuses in Lansing and Auburn Hills, Michigan.
Notes: Thomas McIntyre Cooley was Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court between 1864 and 1885. The school bearing his name was founded in 1972 by lawyers and judges under the leadership of then Michigan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Brennan. At a dedication ceremony on June 29, 2012 President and Dean Don LeDuc noted, "The school was named for … Michigan's greatest jurist, a man whose work in the mid-1800s as justice of the Michigan Supreme Court and as a legal scholar is still cited today. The dedication of this sculpture is our way of honoring our namesake and providing our faculty, staff and students with a constant reminder of the school's guiding principles." “The Beneficiary," a companion work also by Matt Large, stands in the direction of Cooley’s outstretched hand as if the Justice is extending help to someone down on his luck.

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