Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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Man in Space

Artist: Judson Nelson
Medium: Painted bronze
Location: Near entrance to Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, 303 Pearl St NW Grand Rapids, MI.

A plaque near the sculpture reads:

“Because of President Gerald R. Ford’s consistent interest and support of the space program as a Member of Congress and as President, he requested that a sculpture commemorating the U.S. space program be placed on Museum grounds.

Judson Nelson of New York City was selected to complete the first major sculpture in the history of art to depict weightlessness, and his work shows an astronaut leaving a spaceship.

Dedicated: September 7, 1984”

On his website Judson Nelson notes that "Astronaut Alan Bean, 5th man on the moon, modeled the Apollo 5 spacesuit for the sculpture." 

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