Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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Adulation: The Future of Science

Artist: Jay Hall Carpenter
Medium: Bronze
Provenance: One of a series of 25 bronze sculptures donated to the City by the Community Legends Project funded and endowed by Peter Secchia.
Location: Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine, Grand Rapids Research Center, corner of Michigan St and Monroe Ave NW

A plaque near the sculptures reads:

Adulation: The Future of Science

Grace Eldering, Sc.D. (1900-1988), Pearl Kendrick, Sc.D. (1890-1980), and Loney Clinton Gordon (1915-1999)

During the 1930s and ‘40s, Pearl Kendrick, Sc.D., and Grace Eldering, Sc.D., with the assistance of Loney Clinton Gordon, developed the vaccine for whooping cough in a Michigan Department of Health lab in Grand Rapids. The vaccine has saved the lives of millions of children around the world. May their achievements, and all who continue their legacy of life-saving research, be an inspiration to a new generation of scientists.

These statues are a gift of the Peter and Joan Secchia family.

About the artist:

Jay Hall Carpenter, NSS, served for 20 years as sculptor for the Washington National Cathedral. He has been commissioned by the Smithsonian and the State Department, was elected into the National Sculpture Society and is considered among America’s finest contemporary sculptors.

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