Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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The Boom and the Bust

Artist: Olalekan Jeyifous
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: 25 feet tall
Location: Corner of Monroe Avenue and Louis Street NW

The Boom and the Bust was one of five works shown in Grand Rapids during the ArtPrize event known as Project 1. It remained in place after the end of Project 1 (October 27, 2019). The work was underwritten by the Frey Foundation.

In Crossed Lines, Kevin Buist* wrote of the work: “The large building form contains three sections: a base resembling a single home, a mid section featuring a steel lattice supporting and array of small homes, and finally the top portion, which resembles a skyscraper. Jeyifous drew inspiration for the work from his research into housing discrimination and displacement in Grand Rapids, exacerbated by uneven economic growth and the long shadow of redlining and other forms of institutional racism.”

*The essay Crossed Lines was published in the official catalog of Project 1. Kevin Buist was Artistic Director of ArtPrize.

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