Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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Akii Ndodem (Earth Totem)

Artist: Jason Quigno
Medium: Limestone
Dimensions: 20 feet tall
Location: Mount Vernon pedestrian pathway, Pew Campus, Grand Valley State University.

Jason Quigno is a descendant of the original people of this area, the Anishinaabe. Many of his works contain symbols reflecting Anishinaabe culture and Akia Ndodem (Earth Totem) is no exception. Deep cuts in the limestone represent rivers, raised areas represent the Seven Grandfather Teachings, the four sides represent four cardinal directions, four seasons, and four stages of life.

The work was commissioned by Grand Valley State University. Artist selection criteria called for a work that presents themes of unity and shared humanity honoring its location in a community space first inhabited by Indigenous groups.

Another of Quango’s sculptures stands nearby in front of the Seidman College of Business, a short distance to the east.

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