Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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Noahquageshik (or Nawquageezhig) known as Chief Noonday

Artist: Antonio Tobias Mendez
Medium: Bronze
Provenance: One of a series of 25 bronze sculptures donated to the city by the Community Legends Project funded and endowed by Peter Secchia.
Location: West side of the Grand River, outside Grand Valley State University's Eberhard Center, near the west end of the Blue Bridge
Notes: The plaque on the base of the statue states, in part: “Noahquageshik, also referenced as Nawquageezhig and “Chjief Noonday,” was a very influential Grand River Ottawa Anishinabe (Original People) leader. At the turn of the 19th century, he was one of the Ogemuk (Chiefs) who led bands of the Ottawa throughout the Grand River basin. He is socumented as early as the War of 1812 as an ally of Tecumseh. In 1834, as large numbers of American settlers began moving into the region, Noahquageshik led the Bowtink village which was located on the west bank of the Grand River very near where this sculpture stands today.”

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