Public Sculpture in Grand Rapids

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Jay Van Andel

Artist: J. Brett Grill
Medium: Bronze
Provenance: One of a series of 25 bronze sculptures donated to the city by the Community Legends Project funded and endowed by Peter Secchia.
Location: In front of the Van Andel Arena, 130 West Fulton Street.
Notes: The plaque on the base of the sculpture states, in part: “This sculpture was created in 2011 by nationally acclaimed sculptor and painter J. Brett Grill who has exhibited work across the United States. Notably, his bronze sculpture of Gerald R. Ford is featured in the rotunda in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. as part of the National Statuary Hall Collection. This sculpture and site are made possible through the generosity of the Peter F. Secchia Family’s Grand Rapids Community Legends project to honor historic individuals who helped build this community. The mission is to create sculptures of legendary figures in the history of Grand Rapids. Established in 2007, the project’s first statue was unveiled in 2008.”

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